Momentum Europe


Connecting influential Europeans to the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ 


Leadership makes a difference. That’s obvious. Whether at the level of local charities or national and global affairs, we know that Christ-centered leadership is desperately needed. Recent events in Europe have served to dramatically underscore this point. Europe, and perhaps western civilization, sits at a crossroads. Will the existing spiritual void be filled with the ineffectiveness of man-centered responses, mounting social challenges and growing spiritual darkness? Or will Europe come to experience hope in the light and love of Christ?

We believe God’s time has come for Europe. From Ireland to the furthest corners of Russia – across nearly 50 countries there are some 750 million people, most of whom have never met someone who truly follows Jesus. We’re talking about partnering with nearly 2,000 full time staff members of Campus Crusade for Christ, mostly Europeans living and ministering in their home countries. We’re talking about networking with other European focused ministries. We’re talking about making an impact for Jesus Christ.

Momentum Europe is a growing movement of Christ-centered business and professional leaders who are having an impact in helping reaching influential leaders in Europe, with the love of Jesus. It’s a compelling vision. It’s a strategic priority. It’s a challenging opportunity – but God is doing it.

Won’t you join us?

Not just in talking, but more importantly in doing. It’s God’s time for Europe and Russia.
Let’s join Him to make a difference - going above and beyond!



Why Europe? Why Now?

Why Momentum Europe?

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Momentum Europe presents Medieval Treasures, a European River Cruise October 17-24, Basel to Nuremburg.